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Why is a craft beer & eatery location the new place to be?

October 17, 2016

There are always a plethora of new restaurants and bars popping up in cities across the country. There is always a new focus or a new idea that someone finds appealing and opens a new bar or restaurant to glorify. Knowing this, you might be wondering why the world of craft beer has become so popular. Why is the latest craft beer hall Broomfield the place to be in the greater Broomfield area? Why are people flocking to the craft beer halls to find food, friendship, and libations? There are many reasons that they craft beer trend is one that has really taken off in recent decades, and there are even more reasons why people are seeking to get in on this trend towards local establishments serving novelty beers and ciders. The team at Kline's Beer Hall understands this perfectly. It's why they have spent so much time and energy curating the perfect beer list and why they continue to curate it and change their offerings to best suit the trends and the interest of the local community. It's also why it is so important to find a great craft beer hall that you can trust to provide the perfect selection of brews and pairings. Here are a few of the reasons why craft beer halls really are the most trendy places to go:

  • It's not just about the beer: Sure, the craft beer hall industry is rooted in the beers they provide. But it's also about the atmosphere. There is something about a craft beer hall that calls back to the beer halls and beer gardens of Germany of other settings for this beverage. Instead of chugging PBRs in the backyard of your college house, people are instead taking the time to experience and appreciate the beer they drink, and they want the setting to match. Craft beer is less about getting drunk and more about enjoying the flavor and the experience of the drink. So it makes sense that there would be a departure from the typical bar scene towards a setting that is much less chaotic and much more focused on the calmer, more intimate drinking experience.
  • The food makes the difference: Craft beer & eatery establishments also tend to serve high quality food on the same theme as their beverage offerings. For example, Kline's offers house made sausages to go along with their beers, an utterly Bavarian idea that adds to the ambience of the hall. Craft beer halls that are also eateries play into the fun, unique, and delicious food combinations that make all of our inner foodies water at the mouth. This makes sense: would you serve traditional bar food when you are not serving traditional bar drinks?
  • It's about companionship: Craft beers are so much about the experience of the beverage that it just makes sense that the experience of being at a craft beer hall would be more about the company and less about the alcohol. Craft beer halls are fun places to go for this reason: they are places that provide a space for good food, good beer, and good friends.

Experienced event planner suggests checking out a craft beer hall for your next event

July 5, 2016

After ten years of event planning, Nancy has learned one thing: restaurants tend to be the first choice for event locations. When clients walk in her door ready to plan an event, she says that most of the time, they already have some kind of idea of where they want the event to he held, and without fail, the first suggestion they put on the table is a restaurant. "There's nothing wrong with having your event at a restaurant, but there are a lot of options out there that are a little more outside the box and creative that can really set your event apart from the rest. One of the things I always try to talk to my clients about is what kind of entertainment they plan on having at their event. This is something that a lot of my clients tend to overlook. Its really important, in my opinion, to have something for your guests to do. Otherwise, they are going to feel like they are just sitting around waiting for something to happen."

Restaurants do provide some kind of entertainment in the form of the food that will be served. "When I say you need to have some kind of entertainment or something for your guests to do, I don't mean you need to have party games all set up. Just have something planned at some point in the event that allows the guests to engage in something interactive. If that interactive element is a meal, then that's totally fine! Food counts as an interactive activity."

She says that for those clients that seem open to something a little different, she has been suggesting craft beer halls as potential event locations. "Craft beer and eatery halls are on the rise all over the country. Its very easy to find one that is in a convenient location for my clients and their guest. Obviously this is a great location that caters mostly to adults, but if you find a hall that has a high number of beers on tap, you can keep your guest entertained with beer tastings. If the event is going to be held locally, I usually suggest Kline's Beer Hall. They have been in the business a long time, and they provide both beer tastings as well as a full dining menu."

If you don't live near Kline's, she says there are plenty of other amazing halls you can look into. "Its best if you can find one that has a party room that you can rent out so your even feels more private. You can also work with management ahead of time to select a specific menu to be served at your event. This can range from full meals to sampling plates that will serve more as horderves. Once you have chosen your menu, you can either choose to pay for tastings for all your guests, and then leave it in the hands of your guest to choose which beers they would like to taste. If you would like tastings to only consist of specific beers that pair nicely with your menu, you can pre-select those as well."

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A craft beer hall could be the perfect location for your next office holiday party

July 5, 2016

Every year, offices around the world host holiday parties. These events are usually awkward events in which coworkers who never have to mingle with each other at work are forced to socialize with one another for several hours. The highlight of the night is often the drinks and dinner that is provided by the company. When local marketing firm, Thomas and Associates, started planning their office holiday party a couple of months ago, they knew they were tired of the same old same old, and wanted to surprise the firm's employees with a fun and interactive event. Their event coordinator, Sarah, and her assistant, Nathan, started looking high and low for the perfect venue to throw their groundbreaking holiday party.

Sarah comments, "We found a couple of really nice wine bars, but we really wanted to find something that was a little more relaxed and laid back than the events that we had hosted in prior years. The wine bars that we were looking at in our area just didn't cater to the kind of event we were imagining. But finally, after weeks of driving around and researching every venue possible online, we came across this craft beer and eatery hall in Westminster. It was so nice. Just their building itself made me want to hire them to do the event the minute I walked in their door. Their beer selection was incredible and more than I ever could have asked for. Once we saw what they had to offer, we decided to skip the whole dinner portion of the night, and instead treat our guests to beer tastings and appetizers."

With a venue locked in for her unique holiday party, it was time to take care of all the details. "We decided that we really didn't need to rent out the entire craft beer hall, so we went with their party room which actually had its very own bar. I was asked if I wanted to select the beer and food before the event, so that everything was all taken care of a head of time when the holiday party finally came. I decided to pre-select the food that would be served. I chose several different appetizers that would be served at a buffet line at one end of the room. As far as the beer that guest would be able to get, we agreed that the firm would cover one tasting per person in attendance. This means that each person would get to taste four beers on the firm. If they wanted to taste again, or order a whole pint of beer, then they would have to go out to the main bar and order for themselves."

Overall, Sarah says that the service she received at the craft beer and eatery hall that she chose for the event venue was above and beyond. "They were probably one of the most professional groups of people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They made sure that this event was everything that we wanted to surprise our firm with."

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